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Q. If I book your team of movers in burns Lake and for some reason I need to change the date of my moving services, what happens?


A. If you need to change the date of your moving services in Burns Lake, simply call and advise us of the change and we will re-schedule your need for moving services for the date required.




Q. I am moving in Fraser Lake, do your movers charge extra fees for stairs?


A. No, Our mover do not charge extra fees for stairs. Stairs will add more time and thus more cost to your Fraser Lake move. We have heard about some companies doing this but we do not condone the practice of charging for stairs.

However, in extreme situations such as a high rise apartment where there are many flights to your apartment due to an elevator break down we may levy a surcharge if you cannt wait for the elevator to be repaired as it can be extremely straining on the crew of movers to climb that many stairs. Yet, we do not send unfit movers to represent us, all our movers are extremely fit with lots of endurance.




Q. Does your team of movers in Smithers, BC do late night moves?


A. Yes, we do late night moves in Smithers, BC and beyond. We understand that people may need to evacuate their abode at unusual times due to a wide variety of factors. Call The Mover LTD supports Women In Need Society (WINS) and has worked successfully with the Police and other Police Services to assist woman under threat to vacate without detection. We are ready to help assist anyone who needs to be moved in hurry for whatever reason.




Q. Do your Vanderhoof, BC moving company handle specialty items?


A. Yes, our Vanderhoof, BC moving team do handle specialty items. We regularly handle a wide range of delicate items such as antiques, art, sculptures, carvings, electronics and laser technologies etc... for both commercial and residential clients from our Bulkley-​Nechako office. Our team of movers are very careful and understand the correct packing methods required to move your most prized items safely.




Q. Does your Houston, BC  moving company have floor protection?


A.  Yes, we have floor protection. All our trucks are equipped with heavy duty floor protection rolls that are laid throughout your home. This is done for two reasons. 1. To protect your carpet or hardwood 2. For our safety. It is against WCB regulations to remove your footwear while working. We offer this services at all our locations both at Calgary and Chestermere. 




Q. Does your moving company in Buckley-Nechako move hot tubs?


A. Yes, we can move hot tubs in the Buckley- Nechako region depending on the size. Both sites must be safe for the crew and the ground must be dry and firm enough to take the weight of the hot tub on a skid or wheeled dolly without sinking. 




Q. Does your Decker Lake moving company move pool tables?


A. Yes we move pool tables. Our crew of movers serve Decker Lake but we do not re-assemble pool tables. We can recommend a company who does. I have one myself and I wouldn't reassemble mine either. You need a pro for the best results. The cost of hiring a pro to do the re-assembly including cloth refitting and balancing is around $250. Call our Decker Lake movers today to book you pool table moving service. 




Q. Does your moving company in Burns Lake, BC  move treadmills?


A.  Yes, our movers in Burns Lake, BC do move treadmills. Please remember that once assembled in your room of choice your treadmill is not always going to come out fully assembled due to door sizes, narrow hallways or stairwells and other factors. If it fits, we will take it out assembled. For deluxe models that are not going to come out of your home without dis-assembly, we often suggest hiring the company who supplied the equipment to dis-assemble at your old address prior to the move date and then have them re-assemble at your new home. Often they will move it for you at no extra charge. We can dis-assemble your treadmill for you, however, we are not treadmill specialists and certain model can cause us time issues and our time is your money. Our aim is to bring you great service at a great price give us a call with your model number and we can advise on whether or not it will be more cost effective to use a sports equipment company.




Q. Does your moving services in Smithers, BC provide packing supplies?


A. Yes, we provide packing supplies for those moving with us. Supply costs are added to your invoice at the end of the pack day or if your packing yourself your ordered supplies are invoiced upon delivery and receipt.




Q. Do your movers in Burns Lake, BC re-assemble our bed etc?


A. Yes, the team of movers in Burns Lake, BC that we send will do as little or as much as you require of us. However, due to safety issues we do not like to re-assemble infants cribs or cots and would prefer that the parents do so themselves where possible.




Q. Does your Vanderhoof, BC moving company require a deposit?


A.  No, we do not require deposits. We ask that you have the courtesy to let us know in advance if you decide to cancel.




Q. Does your local moving company in  Bulkley-​Nechako serve all of British Columbia?


A.  Yes, our local moving company in Bulkley-​Nechako serves all of British Columbia.  Our region is located in central BC. If your moving from a location South of Bulkley-​Nechako to a location North of Bulkley-​Nechako or from East of Bulkley-​Nechako to West or vice-versa we can help. We also will travel to any British Columbia or Alberta location to service your move. However, usually it is more cost effective to hire a local moving company where possible.




Q. What happens if there is an accident and something gets dropped and damaged?


A. Our Replacement Value Protection Plan (RVP) covers any damages caused by accident or by fault. Your goods are fully insured with our team of movers. Note: Items purchased from Ikea and other do-it-yourself suppliers are not designed to be moved. This is due to the fact that they do not have dovetailed or other wood/metalworking joints or glue and are held together with nothing more that doweling rods that often are too big or too small for their sockets. These items, for the above reasons, are excluded from RVP unless damaged by a movers fault, for example; dropping it. With the not overly costly price and the sleek design of these items we appreciate that often these DIY pieces are all one may own and are your prized possessions. Therefore we aim to make sure that every possible effort is made to ensure the safe transition of all your goods regardless of how they are built.




Q. What is travel time?


A. Travel time (TT) is the time it takes us to get from our yard to your current address and back from your new address. Travel time is calculated at 30 minutes each way for moves within Burns Lake limits including Endako, BC and Decker Lake, BC. Moves outside of those limits are considered Round Trip Travel Time (RTTT) which is the actual time it takes us to get to and from both addresses. If your move is with TT then one hour is added to the time worked. If RTTT then your clock starts when we leave the yard and then the time back to the yard is added to the bill before we leave.




Q. Does an apartment take less time to move than an house?


A.  No, not always. Apartments can sometimes take longer due to the distance from the suite to the truck. Secure the elevator to speed up the process.




Q. What methods of payment does your Burns Lake moving company accept?


A. We accept cash, cheque or Etransfer 




Q. What happens if all my stuff does not fit in the truck?


A. If you are unsure about what size of truck you need ask for an onsite estimate.  We can advise on whether you will need two trucks or more or need a second trip with one truck.




Q. Does your Smithers moving company provide storage if I need to store my belongings for a while?


A.  Yes, we have limited storage at our yard in Burns Lake, BC However, it is not heated storage.




Q. Can we keep our belongings on the truck overnight and have them delivered the next morning?


A.  Yes. The overnight fee is $75 and this option is only available for single truck loads.



Q. Do you unload pods and trailers loaded by others if we only need movers and no truck?


A. Yes, we can send movers without the truck. We often unload trailers and pods for clients. Pods are becoming popular but in our experience it is too costly and movers with a truck can do it quicker and cheaper than ordering several pods. However, Pods do serve their purpose when used correctly and for the right reasons.


We hope this topic thread has assisted you in answering any questions you may have about Call The Mover LTD.

Moving Tips


*Don't stack boxes in the hallways of your home or on the stairs, leave all walkways clear for the movers. It is better to leave everything in the room it was packed in unless you intend moving upper level or lower level items to the main level to save time and money. If so, make sure the movers can get past the loaded area; as what you place there, may not be what they want to use as the base pieces for the load.


*Have a plan of where you want each item placed in your new home. This will save you time and money and frustration at the other end.


*Clear snow and ice from the path that the movers will be required to walk along.


*Don't overload or underload boxes, fill to the top and seal with tape.


*Book in advance to secure your date.


*If your moving from an apartment, book the elevator and get a lock off key.


*Ensure the moving truck can get access. The movers will chose the access point based on the least distance and/or least obsticle free route. Use cones or vehicles to hold the space until the movers arrive.


*Have someone direct the movers at both ends as to where each piece goes. Labels can fall off when your goods are being carried, wrapped and unwrapped, if not secured properly.


*We only send professional movers, let them do their job!  Don't be fussing around them, it only distracts them from their job and that's when things can go wrong.


*It is illegal to transport flameable materials. Empty all gasoline and other fuels from all fuel driven machinery that you require transported by the movers.


*Pets often do not like the move out, particularly cats. It is recommended that you move pets to the new home once the movers arrive. We are all pet lovers so its not an issue for us to have them around.


*If you are leaving your drawers full to save on boxes and time, that is fine. However, remember that DIY dressers are not held together with proper woodwork joints or glues and have nothing to keep them from falling apart when moving. The backs are made from flimsy material and held together with tacks that are embedded into a porous chipboard that cannot hold the tacks securely when moved. These Items are not designed to be moved around without first dis-assembling them, that's one of the reasons they come in a flat pack box when you purchase them. Please refer to our FAQs section on the left of this article for DIY furniture and our RVP policy regarding such items.


*When packing boxes do not make them too heavy. It is difficult for two people to carry a box as their feet are too close to one another so make sure one person can lift and carry the boxes safely without causing back strain or other avoidable injuries. Large totes with handles can be carried by two people, if you wish to load heavy goods into one container use totes please.


*Order the right truck size and if you think you need two  or three trucks let us know in advance. Second trips are okay; but if your move is long distance it will not be economical to make a second trip nor may we have time to make one.


*For those who wish to save money, pack. dis-assemble and re-assemble yourself. Follow all of the above tips and ask the crew if you may assist in them in bringing items to the truck. Ask to have all your boxes placed in one spot on the main level of the home or garage, then you and/or your friends/family can place them when we leave.


*Ask about our student, seniors, under 20s and repeat client discounts.


*Where possible do not book other contractors to be working at your premises while the movers are trying to move you out or in.


*If moving to a new home or a home with hardwood floors that you care about, purchase felt stickies for all your furniture feet and ask the movers to place the items in a position that enables you to secure the felt stickies. Any home hardware store stocks such items and most are open daily. If you forget, you can run off to the store and get them while the movers continue to unload.

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